Making Labels

In the week before the show, once all the artist info is on the website, you can easily cut and paste the name of the artist and the information from each piece into a word processing program. We print the labels onto Avery labels or sticker paper, which are fairly inexpensive at an office supply store.

The labels are formatted like this:

If you're show is on a wall, you can stick these labels directly on the wall just under the piece. For chain link fences we discovered a great method. This takes a little bit of extra time, but it's a good thing to do the night before the show with your Budget Gallery crew. We get a pizza delivered.

photo by Rob

Cut some recycled corrugated cardboard into squares just bigger than the labels themselves. Attach the labels to the cardboard. Then take some thin wire (a couple of bucks at hardware store) and run it through the holes made by the corrugation. Leave enough wire so you can attach the cardboard to the fence. See photo above.

If you have time, attach the label to it's piece (with an ever handy binder clip) before you pack everything up.