"I chickened out at the Love Supreme show by stealing back my work. While I was there a lady asked about my piece. She really liked it until I quoted the price: $80. Her reply was a disdainful "Oh" and she walked away. My friend who was with me freaked and said TAKE BACK YOUR WORK! So I did. Maybe next time I'll have thicker skin."


"My first encounter with Steve and the Budget Gallery was somewhat surreal and filled with excitement. I e-mailed Steve asking if I could send my piece a bit a late, this was the golden roach hotel assemblage, and just between us, "he told me not to tell anyone," days later to my surprise I saw my work "golden hotel #1" on the BG web site, that made my day, to see the work I express mailed from Brooklyn the day before on the street in SF, rock. I never met any of the Budget Gallery Staff in person, but I support them whole heartily."

-Elizabeth Burch

  • "i sent my art to be in a budget gallery show. it was painless, unpretentious and i sold a piece. all without entering into the promoting myself realm. i loved it."

-Andrea Reynor

Collector stories

"I always look forward to Budget Gallery shows, they are a perfect opportunity to see and purchase a wide variety of work, from artists at various levels in their careers. As an eclectic collector who buys on gut reaction - Budget Gallery always has something appealing."

-Eve Mosher

"I stumbled onto the budget gallery one night on valencia street. and I think they were serving koolaid, maybe it was grape pop. it was the perfect way to enjoy art."

-Andrea Reynor