Receive work

When Receiving Work

It's important to keep the work you receive organized. Keep entry forms attached to their respective pieces or you may never get them back together again correctly. (Trust me, we've screwed this up. -Steve) Expect to receive most of the work around the date of the deadline. If the deadline for submissions is a week away and you don't have much of anything, don't worry, it's all coming soon. There's probably some comment that could be made here about how artists wait for the last minute to do things, but let's not generalize. And remember, a successful Budget Gallery show is not qualified by how much work you receive.

Policy Regarding Late Work

Obviously additional work will trickle in during the days following the deadline. Our policy with late work is to set it aside. If we can include it without too much extra effort, we do, if it's stressful, we save it for the next show.

Inventory Numbers

When the work comes in, we put a number on the application form and a matching number on the back of the piece. We'll call it an inventory number. If the form gets separated from the work, we can track it down. These inventory numbers also become very helpful after the show. Also, the inventory numbers are useful when adding artists to your website and selling work. One inventory number is assigned per form. One form per piece.

Once you receive work, it's time to start documenting it.*