Set a date

This is by far the most important step in making your plans a reality. This comes before you find a location, before you think you have enough friends to help you, before you are even sure you really want to do this. Without establishing a specific point in time for this to happen, it will never happen.

Why is setting a date for your Budget Gallery show so important? There will always be reasons to delay. With so many variables, planning alone can overrun your whole purpose. Trying to account and accommodate for everything will bury you, shortly after it sucks away all the energy you had.

Setting a date will put your plans in motion. Once the final date is set, everything will fall into place around it. Everything just seems to work out because it has to. Just make sure everything else comes together somehow.


Your friends will work with you when you have a date set. The art will come when you have a date set. You will find a location when you have a date set.

How do I set the date? When should I set the date?

You'll need to create a timeline. By nature, Budget Gallery shows happen very quickly. This allows us to be responsive and immediate while other galleries are planning the shows they'll be doing 18 months from now. But of course, you'll need to allow yourself enough working time to ensure success. This wiki contains some guidelines in creating a schedule for your Budget Gallery.

After you've accounted enough time, the date for your show will become clear. Decide the date and then tell everyone you know "I'm having a Budget Gallery show on (your date)!" Send emails, make phone calls, work it into your daily conversation.


Choosing a Location

Location, location, location. Here's some factors to consider when looking for a location.

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