Selection Process

As a result of the guidelines in the Budget Gallery open call for entries, each exhibition tends to organize itself.

Because our shows are in public spaces we attract artists who wish to interact with the public in those spaces. Because we can't guarantee a work will be sold, we attract artists whose motivation is not primarily financial. Because we don't promise anything in return, we attract artists who want to release their work into the world with no promise of anything in return. With our guidelines, we've found we don't need to select work or turn anyone away. The artists select themselves for the show because they agree to the terms.

A note from Steve Lambert on un-curating

I've never liked every piece in a show, but I remind myself that the show is not about my taste or my skills as a visionary curator or anything like that. For me, the show is about bettering public space, and community participation and interaction with public space, by involving as many people as possible. Those who agree will join you by participating. In this way, the Budget Gallery should not be exclusive. Anyone can and should take part. - Steve Lambert