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October 25, 2022

Unstoppable Voters Columbus

I spent last month training in Johannesburg, South Africa, Milwaukee, and Columbus with the Center for Artistic Activism.

October 04, 2020

Talk at frank Gathering

This 10 minute talk from frank2020 tells about one of our favorite projects at the Center for Artistic

June 07, 2020

Conversation with Avram Finkelstein

At our last Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 meeting some participants said they wanted to know more about

May 03, 2020

Teaching artistic activism through infomercials

I’m working on a series of videos for the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign I began with

February 10, 2019

Panel: Acting Out – Art that Changes the World

Video of a September 2018 panel with Mama Alto and Jax Jackie Brown at the Wheeler Centre in

November 21, 2018

Macedonia Art Action Academy 2018

The Center for Artistic Activism conducted an Arts Action Academy in the Macedonia (former Yugoslavia) in the summer

June 03, 2018

Building Fearless Futures at Re:Publica

In May I gave this talk and did a panel (Solar Punk and going Post-Post-Apocalyptic) at the Re:Publica

March 26, 2018


THE MIX on Australian TV did a short segment on my work. You can watch the video on

September 29, 2017

Eyeo 2017 Closing Talk

This summer I gave the closing talk at the 2017 Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis. I used the opportunity

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