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September 29, 2012

Solo Show: It’s Time to Fight…

It’s Time to Fight and It’s Time to Stop Fighting 2012 solo show at Charlie James Gallery Details

50/50 February 21, 2011


50/50 wood, aluminum, electrical 53in x 80in x 8in Shown at “If These Walls Could Talk” at Marine

February 16, 2011

Trust Me

Photos Trust Me wood, aluminum, electrical 28in x 50in x 6in operated with a footswitch. Shown at “If

April 08, 2010

The Making of 98.5%

While this video only takes three and a half minutes, the actual sign took several days to make.

Do It April 04, 2010

Do It

Part sculpture, part productivity tool. Letters are frosted acrylic which luminesce from the two 11 watt bulbs inside.

Unstoppable March 18, 2010


wood, laser cut acrylic, electrical

Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies June 22, 2005

Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies

wood, inkjet print on adhesive vinyl 7 feet high x 10 feet wide See how this was made.

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