Steve Lambert

wrote a book!!!


The Public Energy Art Kit June 24, 2014

The Public Energy Art Kit

The Public Energy Art Kit illustrates complex energy concepts for everyday audiences. It is a large-format printed compendium

Utopia Letterpress Prints September 13, 2010

Utopia Letterpress Prints

An unlimited edition of letterpress prints, sold to anyone who would like one for “pay what you can.”

Lambert Brush Font January 02, 2009

Lambert Brush Font

This font is created from scans of hand painted 7 inch tall letters. The letter style is the

The Department of Fill in the Blank October 05, 2008

The Department of Fill in the Blank

24×18 inch poster edition of 1000 produced for Creative Time’s Democracy in America exhibition This poster was produced

Black Market Posters May 15, 2008

Black Market Posters

Posters for the Black Market Type and Print Shop using stolen fonts by Marcel Dzama, R. Crumb, and

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