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is organizing for a people's vaccine


Addendum and Add-Art May 14, 2016

Addendum and Add-Art

Addendum is a new Kadist program that replaces web ads with visual essays by artists. It’s a complete

Interview on BBC World Service July 24, 2015

Interview on BBC World Service

Yesterday I did a short interview for World Business Report on the BBC’s World Service — because when

September 09, 2014

United Nations report on advertising published

The United Nations has published their report on advertising and it’s effect on cultural rights. (Download PDF). Last October I was invited to a meeting

THE END June 23, 2014


A series of 8 second videos appearing in context of 8 second advertisements on a video billboard in Dundas Square, Toronto.

United Nations & Advertising October 30, 2013

United Nations & Advertising

I was invited to speak at the United Nations on the impact of advertising on cultural rights for

November 01, 2011


For this project I was invited to create 8 second videos that would appear among advertising on a

October 29, 2011

This Space Available – Documentary Trailer and Clips

“I have never seen such a god damn group of selfish, eager hogs” —President Lyndon Johnson on the

This Space Available Documentary Premiers Nov 5 October 15, 2011

This Space Available Documentary Premiers Nov 5

I did an interview for the film, “This Space Available: The Grassroots Movement Against Visual Pollution” and it’s

October 12, 2010

Reading List for Bennington College

The Bennington College Library asked me (and others) to put together a voluntary reading list for their students. This is what I came up with.

The New York Times Special Edition November 12, 2008

The New York Times Special Edition

A celebration/collaboration with Steve Lambert, Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men, along with 30 writers, 50 advisors, around