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What I am doing now

updated Oct 11, 2016

This summer I was in South Africa collaborating with SWEAT (Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce). We created projects for the International AIDS Conference in Durban. It was a very successful set of projects that I need to document and get online.

For fun, my old 1964 Lambretta TV175 Series 3 is running, registered, and insured. I’ve been taking it on short rides in order to figure out what will break next.

Center for Artistic Activism

I am founder and co-director of the [Center for Artistic Activism][7338-0002]. Right now we’re interviewing for a new staff person which is very exciting.


I am teach at SUNY Purchase and was just awarded tenure. I am now the Board of Study Coordinator for our program.


As a board member at [Eyebeam][7338-0005], I am working on strategic planning.

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