Steve Lambert

is back from hosting a workshop in Senegal


What I am doing now

updated May 24, 2019

I have a baby that was born in December. If you know me, I’ll catch you up sometime. If you don’t, I wont overwhelm you with the cute photos and stories.

Stephen Duncombe and I wrote a book we’ve been working on for years. We’re in the design stage now and I’m finishing the illustrations. They are inspired by comics and diagrams in owners manuals. There are around 175 drawings. Many of the sketches I did during a residency at Blue Mountain Center. As much as possible, I’m saying no to things, hiding out and getting them done.

New developments with past projects

A third version of Capitalism Works For Me! True/False is toured Melbourne, Australia. The two main events were the Festival of Live Art and the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The ANC has resolved to decriminalize sex work. and just won the South African election. This policy is exactly what we’ve been advocating for in the work I’ve done with the C4AA and SWEAT in South Africa over the past few years. I talked about this specifically in the closing talk at the EYEO Festival I gave last summer.

Center for Artistic Activism

I am founder and co-director of the Center for Artistic Activism.

I’m back from Ghana where we’ve been working with artistic activists to help them create a artistic activism curriculum. We’re in the midst of a similar effort in the Western Balkans and the West African will join them for a convening to exchange strategies and methods. This is the beginning of a 2-3 year effort.

Through 2017 I have been working in Seattle on the Yes to SCS campaign. I have contributed to communication and education strategies around the issue of supervised consumption sites for opioid and meth users.


I am an Associate Professor at SUNY Purchase and earned a sabbatical for 2018.


As a board member at Eyebeam, I helped advise on their recent move and on their upcoming programs – like their 20th anniverary.

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