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“You Are Still Alive” solo feature at IMPULSE/Pulse Miami

Charlie James Gallery presents “You Are Still Alive” at Pulse Miami 2009.

Steve Lambert will be featured at Impulse with Charlie James Gallery at the Pulse Miami Art Fair from December 3 thru 6, 2009. Selected works from Lambert’s “Everything You Want Right Now!” solo show will be featured, as well as the debut of his Arrow Sign print editions. This solo project will be entitled “You Are Still Alive” and is organized around the idea of the liberating power of simple truths.

You Are Still Alive

Steve Lambert has been working as an artist and provocateur for over ten years now, disrupting the stream of corporate-driven communication that showers down on us 24-7, and more importantly empowering regular people to Think Different, and not in the way of those old, fairly vacuous Apple computer ads, but by actually causing it to happen through his work. For an example of Steve jamming the corporate communication system, we can look at his newest edition of prints. Steve bought a large, lighted arrow sign on a stand and put it up around LA with non-corporate and sometimes personal messages on it: You Are Still Alive pointing at a cemetery, for example. Funny, definitely, but poignant as well. Using the techniques of commercial signage, Steve will make for PULSE Miami light-box marquees that take commercial speech to its logical conclusion: Park & Spend, Money Laundered; Everything You Want, Right Now! Steve’s signs tell baldly, as if it were the truth, the lies that hide behind commercial signage: endless abundance, endless choice, consumption with joy. For his solo project at IMPULSE Miami, Steve will present a combination of lighted signs, hand-painted signs, and new print work in an installation organized around the idea of the liberating power of simple truths.

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