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WPFolio: a WordPress theme for artists

WPFolio is a free WordPress theme designed specifically for visual artists. Visual artists who have a range of experience with the web (from none, to lots) and want a website that is easy to update and works as a pedestal for their work. (No one should notice the pedestal, the focus should be on the art that it supports.)

I’ve talked to too many artists who don’t have a website or aren’t able to update the one they have. WPFolio is intended to lower the barriers that prevent artists from making and controlling their own web presence.

The project was completed in the Eyebeam OpenLab with the hard work and dedication of Patrick Carey and fancy coding from Jeff Crouse and Mushon Zer-Aviv. The theme used Taly’s Click! theme as a starting point.

WPFolio is free and open source.

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