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Transamerica and Aerial Tramway Prints Available

Tramway transamerica-tn.jpg

I’ve made an edition of prints using drawings from the “Wish You Were Here: Postcards From Our Awesome Future” posters. The prints use details from the posters; the Transamerica building and the SF MUNI Aerial Tramway. They are in an edition of 10 and use an archival giclée process. I’ve been working on this over the past few weeks and I can say without hesitation that they look great and exactly as I hoped.

If you’re hoping for prints of the *whole* poster designs, hang tight. We’re working on prints of the posters and they will be available as soon as possible. While in the past the opportunity to buy my work only presented itself every couple years, this year will be different. Packard Jennings also has an upcoming show at Catherine Clark Gallery which will include our drawings from this series. Details on this will be announced on the email list, not to worry. Requests? Questions? Just ask.

“What about desktop wallpapers of the Transamerica print?” I have that.

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