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The Firefox Art Panel at ROFLThing-NYC

Add-Art In addition to moderator Jamie Wilkinson, the panel will feature fellow F.A.T. Lab member Steve Lambert (who you may remember from the NYTimes Special Edition project a month back, among other projects), and Tobias Leingruber, creator of China Channel and the man behind Pirates of the Amazon. They’ll also be talking about ArtZilla, an awesome repository for Firefox add-on projects usually denied from listing on the universe for being “useless art.”

New York City ROFLThing Details
When: January 24th, 2009
Where: Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NY)
Featuring Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere), the creator of Comic Sans, the founder of 4chan, Bre Pettis and a host of others to be announced.

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