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Speaking at Global Change Days

I’m speaking about the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign at Global Change Days along with Rebecca Bray, my colleague at the Center for Artistic Activism, and Merith Basey, Executive Director of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.

The Berlin Change Days tradition goes back to the year 2009, when a small group of international facilitators met in Berlin to be inspired, to be connected and to be equipped for what the world calls us to do – to help creating thriving organisations, communities and societies. Meanwhile, the event has branched out to Canada, and Australia.

In 2020, like everywhere else in the world, we have been putting all our plans for BCD20 on hold. We still hope that face-to-face Berlin can take place in 2020. And if not, we are sure that we will welcome you next year!

However, we decided that we shouldn’t wait to connect the global changemaker community that we have been serving for twelve years. Now is the time for us to step up and help shape the new world that is emerging beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are proud to announce the first virtual Global Change Days in which we want to explore our role in response to global challenges, the transformation of organisations and in supporting health & wellbeing of ourselves and the people we serve.

Come join us on a journey which starts on June 15th with the first of three lighthouse events lighting the way towards a 24-hours, a globe-spanning day on June 26th to June 27th with more than 40 workshops, interactive sessions and multiple opportunities to connect and network. We will not end there but will continue to host regular meaningful ‘beacon’ events up to the next face-to-face event in Australia, Berlin and Toronto. Curious? Have a look at our programme at … and register now.

Global Change Days Site

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