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Speaking at Camp Camp in Moldova

The Center for Artistic Activism was invited to present at Camp Camp in Chisinau, Moldova.

CampCamp is an annual international barcamp focused on campaigning and communications for civil society activists. Over four days of lectures, discussions, creative experiments and workshops, activists and professionals in marketing, advertising and media will explore practical ways to make the world a better place.

It was an honor to attend because, if I have this correct, we were the first invitees from the United States as the focus has always been on an audience and presenters from former Soviet states. We shared some of the methodology and work the Center for Artistic Activism has done around the world. We also did a short workshop on using Utopia and what is considered “impossible” to generate new ideas and ways forward.

We were able to bring along friend of the Center for Artistic Activism, Nikola Pisarev of the Contemporary Art Center in Skopje, Macedonia, to share the work the CAC has done over the past several decades.

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