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Presenting at Guerilla Science 2018

Stephen Duncombe and I will be presenting at Guerilla Science 2018, “a conference for creatives who love science and scientists who love to create.”

GS2018 is a one-day conference that brings together experts from the worlds of science, design, art, theater, and activism to examine new ways of communicating, working and collaborating. Brought to you by Guerilla Science and the Pratt Institute, you’ll meet the innovative creators that inspire our unique approach to science communication.

By learning from and working with professionals in different fields, we can ensure that more people from diverse communities are empowered by science.

It’s a one day conference at Pratt in Brooklyn and you can see the schedule here, see the presenters here and buy tickets here.

If you’re desperate to go and can’t afford it, let me know. If you reach me soon, I may be able to help.

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