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Creative Time Summit Presentation

I’m feeling good after the Creative Time Summit this past weekend. I’ve been looking forward to it for years and was glad to participate.

Below is a video of my presentation. All the presentations are limited to 8 minutes and the end of 8 minutes is indicated by a musician playing on the side of the stage. When asked to speak, I knew immediately how I would finish.

If you didn’t see the rest of the presentations, I can point to some highlights like Jeff Chang and Leonidas Martin.

The second day of the summit was very rewarding. I did two 90 minute sessions, one with Stephen Duncombe on Utopian Strategy and another on my own on communication models for activists and artists. This was where the real value came as I got to work with around 40 people total and share some valuable tools that we usually can only share in Center for Artistic Activism weekend workshops.

With so many smart people in town, there’s been some great follow up meetings and conversations. I have a feeling some exciting things will come from this.

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