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Conversation with Avram Finkelstein

At our last Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 meeting some participants said they wanted to know more about working in collectives. We immediately went to Avram Finkelstein who has a wealth of experience with working in collectives on public health topics.

Avram agreed to share his insights on working in collectives like ACT-UP and GRAN FURY, as well as working in public spaces with broad, non-art audiences. We originally intended this to be about 15-30 minutes, but then the conversation just got rolling and was of such high quality, we rolled along with it.

Avram Finkelstein is an artist, activist and writer living in Brooklyn, and a founding member of the Silence=Death and Gran Fury collectives.

Merith Basey is Executive Director of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines in the United States. Rebecca Bray and Steve Lambert are co-directors of the Center for Artistic Activism.


Table of contents

TimeTopic Link
15:30Storytelling in Capitalism
24:55The Opening Sentence
28:13Critical Analysis
29:00Simple but not simplistic
36:45Working in Collectives
48:27Plan Campaigns
52:35Growing into your role
1:00:03Working in Public
1:06:35Tips for Collective Projects
1:11:08Q: Doubt the collective?
1:20:39Q: COVID conversations?

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