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Cancel the Apocalypse at Re:Publica

I’ll be giving a Keynote at Re:Publica in Berlin.

I believe all the talks at Re:Publica are live-streamed on their site.

May 3 at 17:30 (11:30am EDT, 8:30am PDT)

Building Fearless Futures – a 30 minute “keynote”

May 4 at 16:15 (10:15am EDT, 7:15am PDT)
SolarPunk and going Post-Post-Apocalyptic – a 1 hour long panel discussion.

Both part of the Cancel the Apocalypse program, which includes fellow Eyebeam alumnus Mushon Zer-Aviv, friend of the C4AA Celine Keller, and others.

Other speakers include another Eyebeam alum Morehshin Allahyari, Katherine Maher the Executive Director of Wikipedia, Chelsea Manning, and others.

Hope you tune in. And of course, if you’re going, let me know.

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