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Juao Evangelista will talk with anyone also

Late last year I got an email from a guy named Juao Evangelista.

i wanted to know if you would be okay with me re-enacting your “I will talk with anyone about anything“.

im living in Sweden, and this is the local unspoken social contract:

so, i think it would be great to re-stage that here.

A couple weeks ago I got an email with these photos.

Dear Steve,

Sorry for a late reply.

I wrote you a long while ago, about re-enacting your work ‘i will talk with (..)‘.

I did it in Lund, Sweden – at a temporary bus stop, cous the main one was under reconstruction.

So i made a small table out of old pallets, and dragged a city bench next to the temporary bus stop – so people could have a place to sit while waiting for the bus.

after i finished the performance, i left the installation there, with a print-out from your website on how to do it.

thx for letting me do it, it was quite an aeffect on peoples day – a lot of great random conversations, and unexpected encounters.

wishing all the best, joao

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