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I killed my Facebook profile

I killed my Facebook profile. (More or less.)

Sometime last week I ended my Facebook Profile and turned it into a  Facebook Fan Page At the time I had about 2500+ “friends” and a handful of friend requests coming in every couple days. I’m extremely grateful to have so many people who want to be connected to me and my work in some way, however doing that through a Facebook profile had become unmanageable for me. Somewhere between new friend requests, having another inbox for messages, and the dozens of events and reminders, my Facebook profile turned a corner where it no longer made sense in my workflow. So I made a change.

The Facebook Page allows me to continue to post updates, new work, and the occasional silly thought but without the message inbox, event invitations, and I wont see anyone’s updates or profile. For my actual face-to-face friends, we will continue to stay in touch outside this system. For anyone else who wants to connect to me outside Facebook you have plenty of options; email, my mailing list, RSS feeds, or connect on other social networks.

I sincerely appreciate you who choose to follow what I do and want to stay abreast of forthcoming projects. I have to make choices about the time I spend continuing with my work and doing everything else. This small change is going to help me continue with that work. Thanks for staying along!


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