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Building Everything You Want v2

Yesterday I sent off a piece from the new Everything You Want Right Now edition. This “version 2” edition is in a different color than the original and includes a LED backlit panel — the first time I’ve done this in a piece. The 2nd version was inspired by a website someone passed on to me. On the site they had pirated the original Everything You Want Right Now image (they used it without attribution, against the terms of my Creative Commons license) and altered it to be blue instead of orange.   I liked the color, so I made it real. Their piracy inspired innovation so everything turned out well in the end.

Here’s some images and video of the build process. This is not complete by any means, just some photos I snapped along the way.

The piece will be at the Chicago or Houston art fair this year. Maybe both. I don’t remember. I just make the stuff.


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