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NYC: Audacity of Desperation

The Anti-Advertising Agency with Dara Greenwald and Josh MacPhee are in an exhibition this weekend in New York. The group show includes the AAA’s Samaras Project.

“The Audacity of Desperation”
Presented by PS 122 Gallery at DEMO Space 122
150 1st Avenue, enter on 1st Avenue, take stairs to second floor
June 19 — June 22, 2008

The Audacity of Desperation is an art exhibition expressing and unraveling states of political desperation. Activists, artists and very concerned people have created posters, manifestos, DIY kits, postcards, stickers, buttons and multi-media projects for free distribution.

DEMO Space 122 is pleased to present the NYC stop of “The Audacity of Desperation,” a 3-day nomadic exhibition of take-away projects (initiated and curated by Jessica Lawless and Sarah Ross and organized by Steven Lam) in conjunction with a series of performances and workshops responding to the spin of the upcoming election.

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