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wrote a book!!!

Make Capitalism Work For Me! on Kickstarter

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Why you should pledge at least $1

While we need a lot of dollars, I also want a lot of PEOPLE supporting this project. Even at the $1 level. I want you to get those updates and follow along over the next year with this project! If you like it, at least PLEDGE $1. If you can give more, then great. But don’t think $1 isn’t enough. It’s also about you being involved! Pledge!

Some nice words that have been said about the project

From Facebook:

  • *I BELIEVE IN THIS ARTIST* if you don’t know of artist Steve Lambert, you really should. i met him at a Creative Capital seminar and he works tirelessly to help other artists. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PROJECT!
  • I like Steve Lambert, he is doing amazing things – help out with what you can. IT’S WORTH IT.

From Twitter

Press/Blogs about the fundraising campaign

  • Flavorwire – “The Best Projects in the History of Kickstarter”
  • HyperAllergic – “Quick–what’s the dirtiest word you can think of? The one that makes people the most uncomfortable? The one you wouldn’t dare say at a party for fear you’ll spend the rest of the evening alone in a corner with everyone around you doing their best to pretend you’re not there? Artist Steve Lambert, who was featured here on Hyperallergic last year,  is trying to fund a public art project  he hopes will foster dialogue about something we all have to live with, but which most of us don’t have much of an opportunity to talk about in a meaningful or constructive way”
  • “Double check that you’re not living in a cave if you haven’t heard of Steve Lambert’s previous projects”
  • Eyeteeth: A Journal of Incisive Ideas – “Like anything he does, even the Kickstarter pitch is art.”
  • DiggingPitt – “[…] putting the work outside and various other opportunities for deeper engagement like a planned book-make this pretty interesting. Who knows where all this will lead? That’s what I like.”
  • Casa de Costa – “Steve Lambert is the Shit. […] You’ve probably already heard of a couple of his kick-ass projects.”
  • Utopia or: BUST
  • LaughingSquid
  • Evil Signtist
  • Happy Famous Artists

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