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Laser cut case for HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sonar Sensor

This is part of a bigger project we’re working on for the Center for Artistic Activism. Everything is cut from 1/8 acrylic with room for wires out the bottom and a hole where you can attach a 1/4 tripod mount (you’ll need a nut). Otherwise it’s all pressure fit – no hardware needed.

This is designed around the HC-SR04 sold by SparkFun but we made adjustments to fit other sensors.

This was re-drafted through a few iterations in the SUNY Purchase New Media Fab Lab. Thanks to C4AA Resident Artist Iris Li Zihan.


I used 1/8 in acrylic, but the precise thickness varies from sheet to sheet and within each sheet, so you’ll want to make some adjustments.

There are 6 layers that make up the case around the sensor. They are numbered front to back. Once you have the 6 layers cut, measure the thickness of one piece and the thickness of all 6 layers with some calipers. Use those measurements to make adjustments to the thickness of the “mortises” on the TOP and BOTTOM pieces and the overall distance between their outside edges.

The files are on with a Creative Commons license – and if that’s ever not the case let me know.

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