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Japan’s NHK “NY Streets” Program

In July a television producer, Hiroshi Noguchi, came to the OpenLab and documented some of the projects we were working on for a public television program in Japan called “NY Streets.” The segment included a piece on AddArt and the drawings I was doing at the time with Julia Schwadron. I’m not allowed to post the video, so I grabbed some stills.

I was hoping my voice would be overdubbed and looking forward to hearing the Japanese version of me, but instead I was subtitled. Oh well.

New York Streets 1 New York Streets 2 New York Streets 3 (Julia Schwadron) New York Streets 4 (drawing) New York Streets 5 (Rough Day) New York Streets 6 (ok if you’re late) New York Streets 7 (Marry Me) New York Streets 8

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