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Near where I live, the fans of conspiracies and Republican demagoguery have put stickers on the guard rails of our highway off-ramps. That inspired me to design these stickers.

This design is an update of the “You Don’t Need It” stickers I made with Packard Jennings ten years ago.

I’m putting this design in the public domain — no copyright. I trust you to use them to reference things that are verified lies. I wouldn’t put them on someone elses car, because that’s not respectful, but I do think it’d be funny to get a Trump bumper sticker for your own car and put this next to it. (Please send photos!)

Download Vector Art — Adobe Illustrator File
Download Vector Art – SVG 1.1 File

You can have your own made. Or if you just want to send me a few bucks and contact me with an address, I’ll put a few in the mail.

I have been designing others (like this) as the current Republican administration has given me sticker fever and will be posting more soon. Join the mailing list.

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