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Eyebeam Open Studios

This weekend Eyebeam is having it’s Open Studios event.

June 21, 2008
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
540 W. 21st St. NYC

Visit Eyebeam for the biannual Open Studios, showcasing ongoing projects by current fellows, residents, and student residents.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at Eyebeam’s state-of-the-art labs, and talk with artists and technologists about their current work.

The June 21 Open Studios will feature work by fellows, student residents, and outgoing Winter 2008 residents, including:

– Floating Furniture: Conceptual prototype for levitating furniture, by Jessica Banks (R&D OpenLab fellow).
– Ice Creams and Heat: A short video seen through the eyes of Tahj Banks and Glen Moore (student residents).
– Teta Haniya’s Secrets: Kinky Syrian-inspired lingerie embedded with kitschy technology, by Ayah Bdeir (R&D OpenLab fellow).
– James Chimpton: A robotic chimp who hosts his own talk show, Inside the Artist’s Studio, powered by a text generation engine called ABSML, by Steve Lambert and Jeff Crouse (senior fellows).
– Party Tech: Documentation of a series of installations and performances designed specifically for parties, by David Jimison (Production Lab fellow) and Jeff Crouse (senior fellow).
– Lightcoder: Tools for the end of the world by Geraldine Juárez (senior fellow).
– Moviesandbox 2: Create and control cameras, characters and sets using a plethora of fun input devices, by Friedrich Kirschner (Production Lab fellow).
– Add-Art: A free Firefox plug-in that replaces advertising on websites with curated art images, by Steve Lambert (senior fellow).
– Magic Cards: High tech card tricks by Zach Lieberman (R&D OpenLab fellow).
– Bright Idea Shade: A DIY cover for energy-efficient CFL bulbs, by Michael Mandiberg (R&D OpenLab fellow).
– Project Walkway: High tech high heels and other wearable technologies developed during the recent Girl’s Eye View program, by Wandy Marcano (student resident).
– Fold Loud: An origami interface for musical play by JooYoun Paek (Winter 2008 resident).
– The Bowery Birds: Three Lisp-powered blocks of the City’s recent past, by Dan Torop (Winter 2008 resident).
– Shadow Project: An interactive kinetic wall by Addie Wagenknecht (Production Lab fellow).
– Xerox Astronomy and the Nebulous Object-Image Archive: An office photocopier placed at the center of a mechanical model of the universe, by Joe Winter (Winter 2008 resident).

Following Open Studios, join us from 6-8PM for the opening of Eyebeam’s latest exhibition, Tourists and Travelers, featuring the work of 2008 Commissioned Artists Taeyoon Choi and Joseph DeLappe.

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