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Eyebeam Fellowship and Residency calls

photo by Christine ButlerI will remain at Eyebeam as a Senior Fellow through part of 2010 and you can join me.

Eyebeam is pleased to announce our call for next season’s Residents and Fellows is OPEN. Eyebeam Residencies are a five month opportunity for production and presentation of projects querying art, technology and culture. Eyebeam Fellowships are an 11 month opportunity to spearhead new research, lead group research inquiries, and develop innovative technology with support over a longer period of time.

The start date for both the next Residents and Fellows is March 1, 2010. For deadlines, descriptions, current Eyebeam research initiatives, and full information about both the residency and the fellowship programs, please go to our website and visit these links:



And listen to my advice/rant about applying on the how to apply to Eyebeam special podcast.

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