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ArtsHouse and Melbourne Fringe Festival

I’m returning the Melbourne Australia to present Capitalism Works for Me! True/False at the Melbourne Fringe Festival with ArtsHouse. We’ll be set up at the State Library of Victoria, Queen Victoria Market, Bourke Street Mall, and Federation Square.

It’s been very encouraging to present the work with the level of support I’ve had in Melbourne and I’m looking forward to returning. They’ve put together an exceptional team that has changed the way I think about creating and exhibiting these projects. (Thanks ArtsHouse!)

Details on the Melbourne Fringe site and on ArtsHouse site.

We started exhibiting Capitalism Works For Me! True/False in Australia in May of 2018. You can watch Australian TV coverage here:

And see other Australian media coverage at these links:

from ArtsHouse site:

Completing an Australian journey that began at this year’s Festival of Live Art, Capitalism Works for Me! True/False returns to Melbourne for the Fringe Festival. At changing locations throughout the Festival, a cheerful retro billboard sign prompts you to cast your vote — does capitalism work for you?

US artist—activist Steve Lambert invites visitors to evaluate and talk about the economy and how it might be better. Wired for instant update, Lambert’s electronic scoreboard registers visitors’ votes via a panel with two buttons: True and False.

We talk about capitalism constantly, using terms like ‘job creation’ or ‘the business climate’, and discussing whatever ‘crisis’ is at hand — housing, financial, employment. We focus on the symptoms — but why not take the leap and discuss the problem itself?

Optimistic or downbeat? Confident or cynical? Ideas for reform? Capitalism Works for Me! True/False is a provocation and a conversation. Now’s your chance to have a say.

“What I have really liked about this project is it’s about conversation and questioning what you think.” Festival of Live Art participant, 2018

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