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Hollywood MerchmART at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions


Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
21 June 2010 — 26 September 2010

EMMA GRAY: HollywoodMerchmART!
Curator Emma Gray will transform LACE’s storefront space into an artist-created souvenir shop. HollywoodMerchmART! aims to engage, confuse, and delight summer tourists on Hollywood Boulevard with works by both local and international artists. Ranging from postcards and maps to t-shirt and mini-sculptures, the store inventory draws inspiration from social-media and internet trends, as well as local objects found in nearby souvenir shops, thus speaking the language that is Hollywood. Prices will range from $1 to $200!

Participating artists: Emily Joyce, Ashley McPeek, Collective Field, Richard Lidinsky, Brian Bress, Carolina Caycedo, Matthieu Laurette, Anthony James, Max Maslansky, Micol Hebron, PLUS the LA Vajazzlers, Kathryn Garcia, Kirsten Stoltman, John Kilduff, John Knuth, Steve Lambert, John Bucklin, and Zoe Crosher.

In a brave attempt to multitask outside HollywoodMerchmART! John Kilduff of will jog on his treadmill on the Walk of Fame, while performing various mundane and creative activities (from eating chicken and blending drinks to painting portraits) for a modest fee. Kilduff will be performing on various occasions throughout the summer.

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