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Headlands Center for the Arts Open House

Headlands Center for the Arts Open House

Summer Open House
Sunday July 11, Noon — 5PM
Headlands campus | Mess Hall Café Open | FREE Admission
Open House provides a once-in-a-season opportunity to interact with Headlands’ Summer 2010 AIRs, Affiliates, and Graduate Fellows. View works-in-progress in artists’ studios, witness performances and readings, and explore Headlands’ campus situated in a National Park.

Artists in Residence
Katie Faulkner, Dance / Choreography, California
Jeffrey Gibson, Painting, New York
Kevin Haworth, Writing, Ohio
Kühne / Klein, Visual, Switzerland
Steve Lambert, Interdisciplinary, New York
Richard Maloy, Visual, New Zealand
Farid Matuk, Writing, Texas
Mariele Neudecker, Installation, United Kingdom
Brooke Singer, Photography, New York
Allison Smith, Interdisciplinary, California
Ola Ståhl & Kajsa Thelin, Interdisciplinary, Sweden
Hadi Tabatabai, Visual, California

2010 – 2011 Graduate Fellows
Miguel Arzabe, Interdisciplinary, University of California, Berkeley
Johanna Barron, Visual, University of California, Davis
Luke Damiani, Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute
Chris Fraser, Installation, Mills College
Jamil Hellu, Photography, Stanford University
Josef Jacques, Photography, California College of the Arts
Scott Polach, Photography / Mixed Media, San Francisco Art Institute

Tournesol Award, 2010 – 2011
Jack Leamy, Painting

Affiliate Artists, 2010
Sarah Barsness, Visual
Leo Bersamina, Visual
Colette Campbell-Jones, Visual
Christy Chan, Visual
Tyrone Davies, Visual
Christopher Gray, Visual
Robin Johnston, Visual
Julie Lara Kahn, Visual
Pawel Kruk, Film / Video
Helen Lee, Visual
Tucker Nichols, Visual
Megan Pruiett, Writing
Kristina Quinones, Painter
Sarah Rosenthal, Writing
Kimberly Rowe, Painter
James Sansing, Visual
Joshua Short, Visual
Wayne Smith, Visual / Music
Michele Theberge, Visual

Holly Blake, Painting

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