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Capitalism Works For Me! True/False – Boston Tour

Capitalism Works For Me

Lincoln, MA, March 27, 2012 — DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum announces the tour dates and locations for Steve Lambert’s Capitalism Works For Me! True/False sign, which will be placed in public spaces via one-day installations throughout the Greater Boston area April 6 through 12. The artist will be on site to install the sign, encourage voting, and engage the public in this timely dialogue.

At 9 feet high and 20 feet wide, Steve Lambert’s Capitalism works for me! True/False? brazenly asks for your participation–your vote–in an ongoing debate that has recently occupied Wall Street, Dewey Square, and public discourse throughout the world. Using the space of art as a space for dialogue, Lambert harnesses humor and brashness to address one of the most common and complicated issues of our time–the economy and growing state of class disparity.

His sign, currently on view in the front entrance to deCordova’s Museum as part of The 2012 deCordova Biennial, will travel throughout the Greater Boston area this April to create and capture dialogue, and even more so, votes. As the global economic crisis worsens and Americans take to the street in protest, Lambert’s project echoes a growing public anxiety.

The sign will be at the following locations on the dates listed below (times approximate):

Friday, April 6, 10:30 am—2:30 pm
Davis Square, Somerville (near JP Licks)
In collaboration with the Somerville Arts Council

Saturday, April 7, 10:30 am—2:30 pm
Price Rite Parking Lot
892 River St., Hyde Park
In collaboration with Finard Properties

Monday, April 9, 10:30 am—2:30 pm
Adjacent to Kennedy Building, Huntington Ave, Boston
In collaboration with MassArt

Thursday, April 12, 9:30 am—1:30 pm
Newton North High School, inside the main entrance
457 Walnut St, Newton
In collaboration with Newton North High School and the New Art Center

Thanks to the deCordova Museum.

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