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50 States 50 Billboards on Addendum

For Freedoms 50 States 50 Billboards project is now featured on Addendum/Add-Art.

See the billboards in place of ads by installing the browser plugin at:

Addendum is a browser plugin that replaces advertising images on websites with visual essays by artists. Each visual essay is a collection of 8-10 images produced by the artist or collected in the course of their research. Users will see the ads on the page they are viewing replaced by one image from the visual essay—the rest in a series. On the next page they visit, the ads will be replaced by the second image in the essay… and so on.

An Addendum is a note of omission or correction added to the end of a printed publication. And with the internet these need not be separate documents, published after the fact. Addendum allows web users to make their own corrections, by choice, updated in real time.

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