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Drawings at Golden Parachutes, Berlin

Get Free %
Featuring works by Gert-Jan Akerboom, John Hitchcock, David Horvitz, Steve Lambert, Little Friends of Printmaking, Jaybo Monk, Tar Art Rat, and Cassie Thornton.
October 1st – October 30th, 2009
Vernissage: October 1st, 7-10pm

Golden Parachutes is pleased to present Get Free %, group exhibition that experiments with applying alternative modes of economic exchange to a fine arts context. Get Free % is a platform to explore the commodity status of fine art and how disrupting this balance affects ideas surrounding comfort and value, as well as a practical call for artists and cultural producers to envision creative solutions for commodity exchange in a rapidly changing world. All artwork will be for sale, but cash will not be accepted. Instead, each artist has determined a barter that they will accept in exchange for their work. This can be anything from a practical work exchange or conceptual action to a material necessity (or frivolity).

Thomas Pynchon describes paying for something in his opus Gravity’s Rainbow as a “primal American act” in which the payer feels “most deeply himself.” While paying is indisputably an international act, Pynchon correctly assesses the ease and comfort that paying for something can lend to a social transaction. Get Free % intends to explore what happens on both sides of the transaction when that comfort is taken away.

The exhibition presents work from European and American artists working in a variety of media. In addition to works on paper by Gert Jan-Akerboom, Steve Lambert, Little Friends of Print Making, Jaybo Monk, and Tar Art Rat, the exhibition will present three interactive projects.

Golden Parachutes
Kreuzbergstraße 42e
10965 Berlin Germany
49 30 86 45 22 22
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12pm-6pm
U7 Yorckstraße/ U6 & U7 Mehringdamm

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