Steve Lambert

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Contributed to workshop at the United Nations

I was invited back to the United Nations for a workshop envisioning UN LIVE the Museum for the United Nations on Monday. The ambition of the project is a reflection of the United Nations itself; “connecting people everywhere to the work and values of the United Nations and to catalyze global effort towards accomplishing its goals.”

I just had a small advisory role made smaller because the group they brought together was excellent. I didn’t have to say many things I often bring up in other gatherings; raising awareness is not enough, people need a sense of agency, cultural change and political change are intertwined, etc.

The project is epic in scale and will take years to complete. I’m glad to have contributed.

I’m a fan of not-boring business cards

I’m a fan of not-boring business cards. This is back of the business card of Maher Nasser, Acting Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Department of Public Information. Part of his job is communicating what the United Nations does. So why not tackle that on the back of a 3.5 by 2 inch card you give to everyone you meet?

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