Steve Lambert

is just back from the Frank Gathering.

Commission ’05


On Friday, October 21 the San Francisco Arts Commission holds it’s annual benefit party, Commission ’05. They auction off collected “Box Sets” of work from Bay Area Artists. This year I will have a piece in a box curated by Joseph Del Pesco that includes work from some great local artists. The gallery derives nearly a third of its support through private donors and fundraising events like the Commission 05 release party.

“A Guide to San Francisco”

Amy Franceschini & Helena Keeffe – Local (box for set)
Josh Greene – Untitled
Kate Pocrass – Excerpts from Mundane Journeys
Steve Lambert – Sign Here
Horwinski Press – Boxing Plates from 1940s through 1970s
David Stein – San Francisco From Right Window, Route 22
Lee Walton – City System, SF
Mads Lynnerup – Play Your Cards Right

Curated by:
Joseph del Pesco
Joseph del Pesco has an MA in Curatorial Practice from the California College of the Arts. He has curated exhibitions and projects for the Rooseum in Malm, Sweden; The Soap Factory in Minneapolis; the de Young Art Center; and the Nelson Gallery at University of California, Davis where he works part-time. He is also a member of the Curatorial Committee at Southern Exposure and a co-founder of the Shotgun Review.

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