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Co-op Bar Comedy Night

The Co-op Bar at the Eyebeam: Source Code exhibition is coming to end, but before it concludes I’ve organized a Comedy Night with Charles Star and Eyebeam. There will be six comedians with Charles Star hosting.

* [Becky Donohue]( | Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Tough Crowd
* [Moody McCarthy]( | Last Comic Standing and Jimmy Kimmel Show
* [Mike Dobbins]( | Magnet Theater
* [Adam Wade]( | Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd, ESPN Classic, 2006 Grand Slam Champion at The Moth
* [Rachael Parenta]( |
* [Charles Star]( | [Stay Free Daily](, Onion Network News
* and one more.

You should come. It’ll be fun.

Co-op Bar Comedy Night
Thursday August 9th at 8pm
at Eyebeam and free.

updated flyer

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