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C4AA Receives Rubin Foundation Grant

The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation selected 46 inaugural grant recipients – including the Center for Artistic Activism – following their first open call under our new Art and Social Justice initiative.

From their site:

“Shelley and Donald Rubin have always believed that art has the power to inspire positive social change, and the selected grantees reflect this commitment to social justice. The 2016 grantees serve the five boroughs of New York City and feature a diverse range of programming that seeks to catalyze collective action, promote equality, contribute to advocacy and policy change, and develop capacity for greater civic engagement and public discourse. The grants provide a range of support to these organizations, including funding that assists in the crucial aspects of day-to-day operations and operating support for exhibitions, performances, special projects, and educational programs.

The organizations selected exemplify the Art and Social Justice initiative’s areas of interest — arts education, art in service and community centers, artistic activism, community-based museums, expanded access to art, public art, and under-recognized artistic practices.

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