Steve Lambert

has a book coming out

2 Talks in Chicago, 3 in California

I’m exciting to be giving 5 talks in May (whew!) at Mess Hall in Chicago, and VersionFest07, and then in California at UCIRA State of the Arts Conference, Maker Faire Bay Area, and UC Santa Barbara. These events include many artists that are interesting and entertaining, and I look forward to the talks. If you attend, please say hello.


May 4 – A group of residents and fellows will be presenting work at Mess Hall (6932 North Glenwood Avenue) as part of the Eyebeam Roadshow.

New York’s premier center for art and technology flies in a renegade team of artists, hackers, and amateur astronauts to excite, inspire and amaze. The Eyebeam Roadshow will consist of 5 mini-lectures from fellows and residents of Eyebeam’s OpenLab and Production Lab. Topics may include; mind control, how to make a machine to make you famous, how to allow Chinese dissidents access to the internet, and anti-advertising judo. With Steve Lambert (Anti-Advertising Agency), Jeff Crouse (-explosion-), Jamie O’Shea (Founder of Placebo Brand Placebo), Stephanie Rothenberg (School of Perpetual Training), Jamie Wilkinson (Network Ninja).

May 5 – I will be giving a brief talk Versionfest 2007 on Saurday May 5 at 4pm – also part of the Eyebeam Roadshow. The talk is part fo the Free University Program at Co-Prosperity Sphere (3219 S Morgan St near 32nd Place). VERSION>07 THE INSURECTION INTERNATIONALE


May 19 – At the UC Berkeley PFA Theater I will be on a panel, D I Y = > D I T : New Social Practices & Digital Distribution. Other panelists include James Powderly of the Graffiti Research Lab, Sal Randolph, Josh Greene, and Larisa Mann. Part of the University of California Istitute for Research in the ArtsState of the Arts Conference. 10:45a-12:30p – PFA Theater.

From the panel description:
The punk ethic of Do It Yourself meets the relational aesthetics, attitude and strategies of Do It Together. Contemporary art production is experiencing an explosion of socially minded, independent, and collaborative practices united by their generous intention and departure from easily circumscribed models of making, exhibiting, and experiencing art. Building on previous distribution models, notably artists’ publishing, these new DIT practices are enhanced, encouraged, and enabled through web exposure and participation. The seemingly incongruous partners of distance and social (inter)action, humility and effectiveness, are redefined through the affectionately asserted efforts of the DIT practitioners. Panel co-conceived by Laurel Beckman and Steve Lambert.

Download DIY->DIT Handout.

May 20 – Lecture with James Powderly of Graffiti Research Lab at Maker Faire Bay Area. San Mateo County Fairgrounds. James and I will talk about the Eyebeam OpenLab.

May 22 – UC Santa Barbara Guest Artist Lecture. Check back for details.

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