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Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Ground from Steve Lambert on Vimeo. Also on YouTube

Uncommon Ground is a sound installation created by Victoria Estok and Steve Lambert – but mostly Victoria. Using stethoscopes against a 5×5 foot planter box, people can hear the plants commentary, discussions, and inner thoughts — which are normally inaudible to human beings.

The plants are voiced by comedians and neighbors, including; Reggie Watts, James Bewley, Cathleen Carr, Maria Del Piano, Courtney Robinson, Jonathan Shahn, Steve Trevelise, Kenya Robinson, Stefanie Connell, Maya Connell, and Larry Bogad.

Camera by Sebastian Gutierrez and music clips from Framix. Editing by Steve Lambert and Victoria Estok with some helpful advice from the residents and fellows at Eyebeam.

Made with support from the Whitney Museum Education Program and Eyebeam Art and Technology.

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