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is presenting work in Melbourne, Australia

Top Secret Greenpeace Project

Top Secret Greenpeace Project Video Part 1

It’s a long story, but I had to take these off line for now. (It’s really that “Top Secret”) Please check back.

On YouTube.

Top Secret Greenpeace Project Video Part 2

In March of 2010 I caught wind of a project at Greenpeace that sounded incredible. Victoria Estok and I headed down a couple weeks later with a camera and a mic to talk to people about it. We then went to a farm, graciously made available by a Greenpeace supporter, to see more.

The Greenpeace “equipment” (no spoilers!) goes public, May 17, 2010, but in the meantime you can learn about it here. This is a 2 part series.

Side note: Seeing what Greenpeace does from the inside… they are amazing. When you see canvassers on the street, really consider becoming a member (I am). Or do it now.

Thanks to for sharing everything. for general support.

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