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Respect is an American Value Prints

17in x 11in
Risograph on 80# French Paper

Buy One Get Five

Note: I’ve turned my attention to Fight Back Pack #2. If you really want these prints, contact me first so I can see what’s left of my inventory

Pay what you can & I’ll send you all this:

The fight back pack

  1. At least 1 “nice” print on #80 French Paper (like this)
  2. At least 4 prints on standard paper (thin typing paper) to distribute as you see fit
  3. At least 5 Respect stickers
  4. At least 2 Lies stickers
  5. Shipping in a big sturdy mailer via our US Postal Service

And, as hinted by the “at least” above: a surprise or two. If you want to specify one of the phrases at the bottom for the nice print, let me know. Also, you can include other pay what you can items or a Capitalism Works for Me True/False print as well, since I’ll be going to the post office anyway.

I’m not making these to make money or further my art career. If this print is something you want in your life and to share in your communities, I want you to have them. If you can help offset the costs of making and mailing them, it helps. All the money I get from you I’ll use to make more.

Send what you can via Paypal or Dwolla or Venmo or Square Cash or just send me a check or whatever.

Why so “American”?

I’ve been building on the Respect is an American Value design – making stickers and now prints.

Including words like “honor” and “respect,” using red white and blue, and borrowing elements from the shield of the Great Seal of the United States are all a conscious effort to appeal to those who may not be ready to immediately agree with the content. Like Capitalism Works For Me! True/False, the hope is to have people like the aesthetics before they’ve read what it actually says.

How it comes together

This is printed on an older Risograph machine we have in the New Media program at SUNY Purchase. The machines are like a combination of a mimeograph, screenprinting, and photocopying.

Each layer is printed separately – red, then blue, then an overlay of black soy and pigment based inks. You can see each stage of the process in the animation.

Process animation

The Riso has it’s own aesthetic. It’s inherently imperfect. Having everything align perfectly can be tricky (even when you’re as highly skilled as I am!) so sometimes you get these nice, slight, misalignments and smudges. Each print is different and prints also get their own patterns of ink texture and halftone. Below is an example of a nicely “misaligned” print.

Example of slight misalignment (but it still looks good!)

Below is a very short video of the last stage of the print being made on the machine.

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