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Steve Lambert Show #1

I haven’t done radio in a few years and, after some gentle coaxing, I recently agreed to create a series of bi-weekly public affairs show on KDVS. The first thing I thought of was building on past work I did with the Anti-Advertising Agency and creating shows using interviews and field recordings. In the end, the idea turned into a experimental public affairs show …radio verité perhaps?

wedding ring

My wife and I have been invited to 10 weddings this year and it seems every weekend there is some event related to someone’s wedding. Naturally the first show is about weddings and marriage.

Below is a downloadable mp3, or listen with the flash player on this page. The program is about 56 minutes, so feel free to download it and listen on whatever device you prefer.

Episode 1: Wedding Plans | mp3 download – 39mb

Also, check out: episode 2

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