Steve Lambert

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Prilosick Project

In collaboration with Dan Janos.

In 2000, San Francisco BART Stations were invlolved in a “submersion advertising campaign” for the prescription drug Prilosec. There were ads everywhere, but nothing said what the drug was for.

Dan Janos and myself entered the space dressed as a pharmaceutical sales rep and a doctor. They passed out “sales information” and did preliminary exams and screenings. We had planted some people in the station who would agree to take the exam and phoney drugs (purple candy) which we were passing out as free samples. The pamphlets claimed that the drug was used to fight feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed by all pervasive advertising techniques.

The video is documentation of this intervention, however it took a life of it’s own and ended up, quite appropriately, in the form of an infomercial.

10mb quicktime video

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