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LGBTQ+ Travel Alert Browser Extension

Planning your next adventure? Excited to explore new destinations?

Hold up!

Before booking that dream getaway, make sure you’re not supporting repressive regimes or getting your human rights violated!

Introducing LGBTQ+ Travel Alert

The LGBTQ+ Travel Advisory browser extension will alert you when booking travel to regions with dangerously discriminatory laws like Uzbekistan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Florida.

How it works in the browser:

  1. Install the extension in your browser (Chrome, Brave, etc) via the Chrome Store
  2. Type in your destination on popular travel sites like,,, or
  3. Receive an instant alert if there are known discriminatory laws or safety concerns in your selected location.
  4. Do not travel to, or spend money in, these regions. Instead, choose something fabulous.

Learn more:

You can learn more about LGBTQ+ Travel Alert at

And the Free Uzbek LGBTQ group at


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