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Instructable: Meth Lab Cold Brew Coffee Method

With the Meth Lab Cold Brew Coffee Method, you can brew 800ml of coffee concentrate from 12oz of coffee with minimal up-front investment and very low effort. The concentrate makes an 8oz iced coffee from 2oz of concentrate (more or less, depending on how you like it).

It’s called the Meth Lab method because it looks… unprofessional. But the results are powerful and (relatively) addictive.

The Meth Lab Cold Brew Coffee Method balances low cost, high quality, and it’s easy. I developed it while working on Co-op Bar #3 as a visiting artist at Sierra Nevada College’s MFA summer residency. The Co-op Bar was designed because artists tend to hang out in bars and caf├ęs, and a co-op structure allows them to capture the profits and redistribute them as artists grants. 12oz of Coffee grounds can cost around $8-12, and selling cups of cold brew at the Co-op Bar we were able to raise a significant amount of money.

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