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Free Design: Respect is an American Value

I designed this tonight as a 3×4 inch sticker and ordered 500. I literally took a line from this article in making this.

Respect is an American Value

You’re welcome to use the graphics and order your own stickers. I like to use VGKids and StickerGuy but any company should be able to use these files. They’re scalable if you want to make posters or whatever.

I’m putting this design in the public domain – no copyright.

Download Vector Art – Adobe Illustrator File
Download Vector Art – SVG 1.1 File

I have been designing others (the Republican administration has given me sticker fever) and will be posting them soon. Join the mailing list.

Update: Stickers are made

If you just want to send me a few bucks and contact me with an address, I’ll put a few in the mail.

Respect is an American Value Stickers

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