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Fight Back Pack #2: Defend U.S. Democracy Print

17in x 11in
Risograph on 80# French Paper

Buy One Get Five

I want to get these out in the world and don’t want cost to be a factor, so I’m letting you decide the price at “pay what you can” & I’ll send you all this:

Fight Back Pack #2 includes:

  1. At least 1 “nice” print on #80 French Paper
  2. At least 4 prints on standard paper (thin typing paper) to distribute as you see fit
  3. A few Respect and/or LIES stickers
  4. Instructions for how to find the phone numbers of local reps and ideas for places to hang the print
  5. Priority Mail shipping in a big sturdy mailer via our US Postal Service (usually $6-$10 for postage within the US)

I’m not making these to make money or further my art career. If this print is something you want to help share in your communities, I want you to have them. If you can help offset the costs of making and mailing them, it helps. All the money I get from you I’ll use to make more.

Send what you can via Paypal or Dwolla or Venmo or Square Cash or just send me a check or whatever. Be sure to include a mailing address.

About the Print

Each layer is printed separately – blue, then red, then an overlay of black. All soy and pigment based inks.

The Riso has it’s own aesthetic. It’s inherently imperfect. Having everything align perfectly can be tricky (even when you’re as highly skilled as I am!) so sometimes you get these nice, slight, misalignments and smudges. Each print is different and prints also get their own patterns of ink texture and halftone.

Download a full size PNG and print your own.

Design Drafts

The design went through many iterations, both on paper and digitally. You can see about 40 of those iterations here.

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